“My last name is Jacobson.”
He looked caught off guard. “So it was true,” he whispered.
He shook his head. “Nothing.”

Thought I might give you that little tidbit. If you don't already know, I am working on rewriting Southern Charm entirely and hoping to publish it on Amazon and Smashwords around the time that school starts back up. I know right now you're as done with school as I am, but it's something to look forward to, I hope.

The little tidbit there was from the rewrite. If you can guess which two people were conversing, I'll let you read part of the prologue. =)

Anyways, that's all for now.
   ~Emiaa (aka Meg)
Hey, guys!

About a week ago, I gave you all a sneak peek into the prologue of Alex and the Enforcers. Now that it's completed, I thought I'd post it tonight! 

So after I get home from class tonight, I'll be posting a message on Cougar and the K-Unit with the sneak peek you special people have already seen. That's going to be so all the people who don't follow this and follow the story itself will be able to know what's coming. 

Thank you for your patience, guys! I hope you're as excited as I am!

~Mrs. Frank Hardy 
So, this time I'll be splitting up this post into sections; Wattpad, Fanfiction, and Figment.
Okay, so I'm moving in just a couple days, so I'm going to work extermely hard on getting "Mythically Yours" and "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" up, okay? But if it doesn't happen please forgive me! Also, I just posted another interview, this time with the sister of Fallzswimmer, glitterANDgold. And I'll probably be able to get another "Yellow Folder" idea out there by the beginning of next week. 
Thanks for being so patient!
~Emiaa <3
Okay, so I just wrote a one shot dedicated to my friend, Audrey. If she likes it, which I sincerely hope she will, then I'll be posting it on Saturday night. It's already a document on fanfiction, so all I have to do is create a new story, add the document and I'm good to go. It's a Gallagher Girls's One-Shot, my first one, called "I Could Tell You, But You Wouldn't Like It". I'm already planning on the next four and I even have names that spin off of Ally Carter's titles, like this one. Hopefully the next one will be up soon. 
~Mrs. Frank Hardy
So, I wrote a Revolutionary war era poem/one-shot thing quite some time ago, and I'm still very proud of it, thank you very much. I think I'll post it on Figment in a couple minutes. I hope ya'll like it!
~Emiaa <3
One of my Spanish speaking fans asked me for a story summary for CATK-U so she could understand the story more. So I wrote one in her native language for her, and I translated it back into English so I could post it here for you if you'd like.

I'll get right to it now; here's the summary. It goes by chapter, so each paragraph is one chapter description.

At the beginning of the story, we realize that Cal is held hostage, but we are not sure by who yet. She is rescued and her rescuer says "when you're old enough, I'll have to offer him a job on the force." Thenshe  re-visits the place she was held captive years later and her rescuer is there. That's how she gets a job in SAS.

In chapter one, she's introduced to K-Unit and placed in their unit. Later in the chapter, Kyle, a childhood friend of Cal's, appears and answers the question Cal asks, "What  has the world come to?", with a simple declaration: That's what I'm here to find out.

The second chapter begins quickly, and we soon learn that Cal's sister, Maria, was murdered in front of her by the people who were holding her hostage. We know Cal had an episode, a flashback if you will. Kyle reports that the people who killed his sister and held her hostage are in Aghanistan and they prepare to leave.

In chapter three, Cal's father, Special Agent Dan Jones, appears with a cup of coffee from his favortie cafe. He announces that he is there to help her train for Afghanistan.

First, they train with firearms. Alex / Cub has to help Cal with the rifle however, since she are not familiar with it. After that are the mats, where theywrestle with Bear, a man Alex / Cub has warned Cal of. At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that her Aunt is Tulip Jones, the Deputy Head of MI6.

In chapter five, Tulip, Cal's Aunt, makes an appearance as  Cub announces he has something to do. They have a little heart to heart and Cal goes to pack for Afghanistan. She doubts herself more and Cub / Alex comes to tell her she can do it.

This was only a short filler chapter where they prepare to go to Afghanistan. Here, you can read about them in the convo that leads to the airport, on the plane, and jumping out of the plane. Quite short, but it was fun to write.

This is where all the information about the people who held Cal hostage is revealed. We learn that their name is the Enforcers and she was kidnapped because her father stole their list of "employees" during a mission. It is also revelaed that her parents are the second and third best intelligent agents in the world, next to Cub, but she doesn't know that yet.

In this chapter, they are going to Kunduz, Afghanistan, where Kyle told them the Enforcers were. They also try to come up witha plan, one of which is a "James Bond" move, which involves falling from the ceiling on a rope. No finializing of the plan because they realize they have to do survellience before.

This chapter might have to be my favorite to write. Cal realizes that she likes Alex / Cub when she can not stop looking at his chest. I also describe a little more about her appearance; long brown hair, artic blue eyes.

Most of this chapter is just fluff, everyone struggling a little annoyed at each other. There is also some description of the food, which is Palao, an Afghan dish with meat, raisins, carrots and pistachios.
They also put the computer and Cal finds an Enforcer file. I will include her findings here for reference if needed.

Leaders: Naomi Quarter (deceased), Jake Polo (deceased) and Rodger Layer (deceased). No new known leaders.
Members: The known members include Marie Highn Alexandria, Lola Jacobson, Aiden Jones, James Smith James Smith and Ava Isobel.
Known Associates: Major Winston Yu (Snakehead see case file).
Location: landmarks include Afghanistan (headquarters), Russia (secondary), Switzerland and Romania.
Such arrests: Dan Jones, Olivia Jones, AR ****** (classified), and Robert Heart.

At the end of the previous chapter, I left the cliffhanger "We have movement across the street." in the minds of readers. In this chapter, we learn that the Enforcers have a girl by the name of Molly Baum. She is from Germany and is eight.
The information gathered Molly's parents is: While on holiday in America, the couple was caught in possession of the flash drive were instructed to leave behind. Before the police could catch up with them, they had sold the flash drive to the Enforcers. The couple's daughter, Molly, is suspected to have been kidnapped by the group, is still missing.
Cal agrees to help Molly out of there at all costs.

In the middle of this chapter, something important happens: she begins to wonder who is the head of MI6 is after reading the letter sent from her aunt on Molly Baum. The letter informs them that Tulip has heard from the BND, the German version of MI6, and they should bring Molly to Breacon Beacons when they can.

This was fun to write: Cal and Cub kiss! The rest is just fluff, really. In the end, Eagle and Cal take surveillance work.

In this chapter, it is revealed that Cub / Alex is the head of MI6. This chaper is very important, but that's the most important part. The rest is discussing, really.

A deleted chapter for everyone. This is what was going to be published as chapter fourteen, but I decided against it. Fluff. It's that simple.

They try to start plan the extraction, but end up being distracted when Cal kisses Cub. Then when they are about to start again, there is a knock at the door.

When they realize Kyle is at the door, everyone is comftorable but Cal. She cannot help but be suspicious when he appears without warning, and sends a quick message to her aunt asking her if he is supposed to be here. As soon as they receive the message "get out" from her aunt, a bomb explodes.

This chapter is really focused on the search for her teammates in the remains of the bomb. But she cannot find Cub, until Fox comes out of the bathroom and she realizes he's in there. She collapses when he sees blood and begins to cry. That's where I left the poor readers.

This was by far the saddest chapter I've ever written. And I mean never.
This chapter describes Cal's feelings, how she feels numb without Alex by her side, how she plans to fight evil until she wins in the end, how the funeral went.
And after that, she is left to cry at his grave. But then comes from the dead, apparently. And he says he never really died.

The Epilogue: the source of most of my feelings of sadness. The end, or so it seems.
Cal explains that the bomb maker was seeking revenge against those responsible for turning against him, but ended up blowing himself up in the end.
She also goes over how Molly is safe (being in the basement when the bomb went off). She also goes on to explain that she and Alex are moving to California where Cal is opening her interior design store, Oasis.
After this, there is a small time when Alex comes home and they have a romantic moment together, complete with my favorite thing to write: kisses. He explains that he returned for her, knowing he could not live without her.

The last words of the story are: All I knew was him. All I could think about was him, our life together, the things we would experienced together. All I knew was him. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope that helped you understand the story!
Well, CATK-U is officially completed. And I'm happy yet sad about it. If you've never finished a story, then you won't know what I'm talking about and I'm not even going to try and explain my feelings. But....I'm writing a sequel for sure.

Yup. That right there are the covers for "the Cougar Series". Aren't you excited? I know I am!

Here's the description of "Alex and the Enforcers" since I know that you want to know what's going to happen. Keep in mind that this is the full sized description. I'll have to cut it shorter so it can go on FanFiction due to the character limit on the description.

A year has passed since Alex's faked dead. Alex (now Collin) and Cal are now living in sunny California, working in their shop, Oasis, together. They've recently gotten engaged.

Everything is perfect until they both get a call from Tulip Jones, Cal's Aunt and the Head of MI6. Not baing able to say no to her plead for help, Cal convinces Ales to help.

They return to the
Royal & General Bank to learn that all the escaped Enforcer's agents are bent on revenge and have called in a bomb threat. It's not the threat itself that's making MI6 jumpy though; it's the location. Manhattan, New York.

They are paired up with K-Unit, who have recently gotten a new teammate, and two CIA agents and are shipped off to New York to find the bomb in the big city.

Join Cal and Alex on their second mission together, in Alex and the Enforcers.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to start this, but I'll probably post the prologue soon and then update when I can. Sorry if this is an inconvience to anyone, but I'm starting another sequel on New Year's Day on another site, and it's really important that I finish that before I start any other projects. Plus, I've only just completed CATK-U and I think ya'll can wait a while and I'm moving in the midst of all this.

Thank you so much for your support! I love ya'll!

Senorita Writer (a.k.a. Mrs. Frank Hardy)

"When something's ending, you go through so many phases, and it can be frustrating. But once you're out on the other side, it's like you can really see all the crazy phases you went through." -Norah Jones
My baby, the story I've spent more than a year working on, my longest story to date, is almost completed.

Cougar and the K-Unit only has the epilogue left and I've spent the day being gloomy about it. Honestly, it's not even the fact that I've spent so long working on this and it would be weird to think of it as "done". It's the fact that I'm going to miss writing about the strong female role I've created from my own brain. Cougar/Callie is the first character I've created. Ever. Before then, I only wrote about characters I knew everything about. Nancy Drew, Alex Rider, ect. But Callie is my brain child.

Great, now I've gotten myself worked up. Okay, I'm going to go write the epilogue, which I'll post on New Year's Eve, and make it the best darn epilogue I've ever written. I'm determined now!
Okay, before we get into the big stuff, I decided to tell you guys about my new Tumblr. It's called "Daily Life of a Teenage Writer" and it's where I'll be posting about how to start writing, book recommendations, quotes, and, most of all, how to be a successful teenage writer yourself.
It has a really pretty theme, which I love, and I recently fell in love with Tumblr, so it'll be easier to remember to update than this.
Here it is: http://dailylifeofateenagewriter.tumblr.com/
Check it out and tell me what you think, please!

Alright, now to the writing announcements, then we'll get to the "Senorita Writer's General Life Updates" segment. I know, it sounds exciting, but you'll have to deal with this first. 

Cougar and the K-Unit has reached its one year anniversary! I originally posted CATK-U about a year ago, and it's so close to being finished that I can taste victory!

I'm writing a sequel for CATK-U! Yes, you read right; I'm writing a sequel. I can't give away the title yet since you sleuths will figure out what it's about before I even start writing, but it's going to be exciting! And it might be about Cal's (Cougar) life without Alex. There's no guarentee that CATK-U will have a happy ending! =)

Hopefully, I'll update CATK-U before Sunday. No promises, but I'm trying!

Also, I'm working on To Complete A Mission! The last part of my "Deputy Head" one-shot series is almost complete, so don't worry! It's coming!  

And here's the "Senorita Writer's General Life Updates" segment! 

I'm moving! Yup, I am. I actually went to my last Spanish class yesterday. Tears were spilled, I assure you. I'm moving directly after the holidays, so that's part of the reason my writing scedule is so messed up. But, as I said above, I'm  working on an update of CATK-U and the third part in my "Deputy Head" one-shot series, To Complete A Mission.

Alright, I big you good-bye.

~Senorita Writer
As most likely all of you have noticed, I am not good on the whole "updating on time" thing. Mostly since I procrastinate way more than I should, but the other reason is that I need to finish an entire story in two months in order to be able to participate in a writing contest I've heard wonderful things about. What is this contest, you ask? The Watty Awards! Woo-hoo!

But first thing's first, click
here to go to the information on the contest. You need to know how Wattpad works, but I'm sure you can do some video research on YouTube.

Okay, and now here is my apology:
Oh. My. Gosh. I'm so sorry my lovelies! I've left you hanging on so many stories; I'm a horrible writer! Arg! Sorry.

Click the button, you know you want to...

Here's a banner to advertise the awesomeness that is "Southern Charm".
Hi everybody! Today I figured I'd give you some tips on writing and editing.
Now, I've done this before when writing comments or reviews on stories, but never adjusted my tips for everyone. So, bear with me if it gets weird looking.

Most people don't use enough commas. I think I may use too many. Nonetheless, I shall give you some tips on using them.
When using commas, use them when listing things, (cheese, bread, and milk.) or when you need a breath when reading (or a dramatic pause. I like dramatic pauses, they are...dramatic.). The other time you should use commas is when you need to do this: She ran away from him, willing the mysterious person to leave her alone.

Don't use puncuation marks excessively. Really, you don't need three exclaimation points to make your point that it is meant to be exclaimed. You can simply say "she exclaimed". It's quite simple, really.
I don't use exclaimation marks very often. I like to think they're for special occasions. When your character blows up a building, or gets strapped to a bomb or even kisses a boy.

You know, when you write sentences, you tend to write them either short or long. I write them maybe a bit too long. But, I'm trying to teach myself to make them vary from size. I think I'm doing quite well, actually. So if or when you notice this, try to teach yourself to make a consious effort to make them vary in size.

When you write paragraphs, you should try to find a place where the point of the paragraph splits into a different one. Some people don't ever use paragraphs (like my bestie) and it is seriously the hardest thing to read. You need to keep track of which  line you're on, then you need to make sure you read the right one.

Maybe this is just one of my things, but I don't mind cliche'd things. I know, but don't hunt me down! Some cliche's are cute and some are horrid.
Although, I do love original stories too. So, pick a style, cliched or original. Then, you can appeal to people who have the same interests as you.

When you're writing a story, you don't want it to go something like this.
"One day, we went to the pond and Jace kissed me. The next day we went to the house and played hop-scotch. Then the next day, Amelia came and we fought."
That is really, really boring and way too fast paced. If you're afraid of writing too much, don't be! Write untill you think the pace is good, then stop with that idea; there's no need to squeeze the idea dry. You can always come back later.

I hope you found this helpful!

Any questions about this topic? Leave a comment below and ask away!
Want me to review something? Leave a comment with the link!

~Senorita Writer