Hello people of this wonderful and very enjoyable computer world!
Well, I'll just get right into updates on writing, then in the end I'll do a random update on life!

Mrs. Frank Hardy updates:
I updated the Presidential Party Crasher story, but got a review from  someone by the name Stacy saying she was confused with the story, so me, being me, wrote a 'chapter' explaining what happend in the chapter and labled it 'Stacy's Comment'. Hopefully she saw it and now understands! So, in case you guys haven't seen it yet I'll include my message to any readers out there at the end of this.
 Message to any readers out there:
I am eager to help you out with questions and stuff, so if you ask me something and don't have a fanfiction/fictionpress account I can PM you from, then I'll post a page similar to this and help you out; just look for the name you used for your review for the 'chapter' name and you'll know it's for you. If you do have a fanfiction/fictionpress account I can PM you from, then I'll do that!
This is for both Mrs. Frank Hardy and Krystal Rock; that's why I'm posting this on here!

Krystal Rock updates:
Fail on A Dream Come True, but I'm working on my Prolouge of Homocide Hannah; It'll be up in a couple days...=)

General life updates:
I'm really exited for Thanksgicing coming up and I'll be somewhere else besides on my computer! I love this holiday season in general, but add in food and you may as well put up a sign that says, 'Me like'. =D

I hope you have a rockin' Thanksgiving and I'll see you Monday and Tuesday, then I'll get back on and do an update on (hopefully) Sunday night. Yes, I will be missing this week's writing updates, I am truly sorry, but I figure you'll all be enjoying your Thanksgiving, so why shouldn't I?

Thank you all for your support for letting me do what I love!
Your truly,
         Senorita Writer


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