Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Krystal Rock.

Krystal Rock:
Okay, so I decided not to post Homocide Hannah since I'm afraid that someone will steal my idea and I kinda want to be published someday and If i put this online everyone can see it and wouldn't want to buy it, right?
So, sorry If you were looking forward to it!
But, I will be posting another idea! It's called The life of a Secret Agent.

Here's the summary.

Sasha Blane always dreamed of going into law enforcement ever since she was a little girl. Her father, a retired Chief, taught her everything she knows, but when she goes to an interview for the local police force and gets put down just beacause she's a woman she goes out into the federal world to show everyone out there girls can do anything boys can,...only better.

This is for mostly females, only cause I will be insulting the male race at some points, like in the interview, and when she...ah, that would give something away! Read it to find out what happens. It'll be up late Sunday night, early Monday.

Thanks for your supporting me in what I love to do!

Your devoted writer,

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