I am smiling so wide right now I think I may be creeping out people around me.

Mrs. Frank Hardy
I just checked my EMail to find that I had a bunch of EMail reguarding my newest story, Cougar and the K-Unit, and I noticed that many people added me to their Story Alert list. I also got a review, and a favorite story notification. So, thank you, Jellie Smiff, 0Ailsa0, Edot R1D3R, stitcho and TheAwesomeJellyBean (love your name by the way).
I plan on updating tomorrow, if not today.
Special Message to Jellie Smiff: I'll explain later on in the story. =D

Krystal Rock
Sorry, no news to report.

Thank you all for supporting me in what I love to do!
 Your devoted writer,  

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