Okay, before we get into the big stuff, I decided to tell you guys about my new Tumblr. It's called "Daily Life of a Teenage Writer" and it's where I'll be posting about how to start writing, book recommendations, quotes, and, most of all, how to be a successful teenage writer yourself.
It has a really pretty theme, which I love, and I recently fell in love with Tumblr, so it'll be easier to remember to update than this.
Here it is: http://dailylifeofateenagewriter.tumblr.com/
Check it out and tell me what you think, please!

Alright, now to the writing announcements, then we'll get to the "Senorita Writer's General Life Updates" segment. I know, it sounds exciting, but you'll have to deal with this first. 

Cougar and the K-Unit has reached its one year anniversary! I originally posted CATK-U about a year ago, and it's so close to being finished that I can taste victory!

I'm writing a sequel for CATK-U! Yes, you read right; I'm writing a sequel. I can't give away the title yet since you sleuths will figure out what it's about before I even start writing, but it's going to be exciting! And it might be about Cal's (Cougar) life without Alex. There's no guarentee that CATK-U will have a happy ending! =)

Hopefully, I'll update CATK-U before Sunday. No promises, but I'm trying!

Also, I'm working on To Complete A Mission! The last part of my "Deputy Head" one-shot series is almost complete, so don't worry! It's coming!  

And here's the "Senorita Writer's General Life Updates" segment! 

I'm moving! Yup, I am. I actually went to my last Spanish class yesterday. Tears were spilled, I assure you. I'm moving directly after the holidays, so that's part of the reason my writing scedule is so messed up. But, as I said above, I'm  working on an update of CATK-U and the third part in my "Deputy Head" one-shot series, To Complete A Mission.

Alright, I big you good-bye.

~Senorita Writer

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