Nope. No update this week. Darn it! I blame schoolwork.
I have big news!
Okay, so I can't actually tell you exactally what it is....but, I'll give you this. I'm writing a new story with another fanfiction author!
That's all I can give you until we release the story...sorry.

Crap. I'm hungry. Nothing new. I swear I eat more than my Dad. And, um,...that's saying a lot.

Got to go!

Sorry once again!
Your beyond busy author,
Darned schoolwork! I'm having to be deprived from many things I love 'till I finish my piles (yes, I have piles of papers on my floor) of school/home work. I call it blackmail. Mom calls it 'helping'. Psst. Sure. Helping.

My Christmas tree has been taken down...='( 
I loved the pretty lights.

Mrs. Frank Hardy:
I can't finish the Presidential Party Crasher chapter till this weekend. SORRY!

Your 'helped' writer,
Hello my lovely followers! I'm back! As you can tell by now...

I have included a sneak peek of a new story I've been working on entitled, Thou Shall Not Kill in the lovely News Feed section, so check it out!

Mrs. Frank Hardy:
I updated Cougar and the KUnit and I'll be trying to complete a new chapter of Presidential Party Crasher before the week is through....

Talk to you wonderful people later!