Hi everybody! Today I figured I'd give you some tips on writing and editing.
Now, I've done this before when writing comments or reviews on stories, but never adjusted my tips for everyone. So, bear with me if it gets weird looking.

Most people don't use enough commas. I think I may use too many. Nonetheless, I shall give you some tips on using them.
When using commas, use them when listing things, (cheese, bread, and milk.) or when you need a breath when reading (or a dramatic pause. I like dramatic pauses, they are...dramatic.). The other time you should use commas is when you need to do this: She ran away from him, willing the mysterious person to leave her alone.

Don't use puncuation marks excessively. Really, you don't need three exclaimation points to make your point that it is meant to be exclaimed. You can simply say "she exclaimed". It's quite simple, really.
I don't use exclaimation marks very often. I like to think they're for special occasions. When your character blows up a building, or gets strapped to a bomb or even kisses a boy.

You know, when you write sentences, you tend to write them either short or long. I write them maybe a bit too long. But, I'm trying to teach myself to make them vary from size. I think I'm doing quite well, actually. So if or when you notice this, try to teach yourself to make a consious effort to make them vary in size.

When you write paragraphs, you should try to find a place where the point of the paragraph splits into a different one. Some people don't ever use paragraphs (like my bestie) and it is seriously the hardest thing to read. You need to keep track of which  line you're on, then you need to make sure you read the right one.

Maybe this is just one of my things, but I don't mind cliche'd things. I know, but don't hunt me down! Some cliche's are cute and some are horrid.
Although, I do love original stories too. So, pick a style, cliched or original. Then, you can appeal to people who have the same interests as you.

When you're writing a story, you don't want it to go something like this.
"One day, we went to the pond and Jace kissed me. The next day we went to the house and played hop-scotch. Then the next day, Amelia came and we fought."
That is really, really boring and way too fast paced. If you're afraid of writing too much, don't be! Write untill you think the pace is good, then stop with that idea; there's no need to squeeze the idea dry. You can always come back later.

I hope you found this helpful!

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~Senorita Writer