I lost my Spanish textbook about a week ago, and, luckily, I found it before class starts again. So, now I have bunches of Spanish homework to complete in the next couple days. Oh, joy.

I am writing a book about vampires, for those of you who don't know, and I'm trying to finish it in my vacation time. So, my scheduel is busy.  It doesn't even feel like a vacation, unless you count sleeping in to noon vacation, which I don't 'cause that's normal for me.

I hope you have an awesome New Year and that your gonna par-tay  'cause I'm gonna par-tay like a rockstar while listening to Rockstar (Nickleback)!

Mrs. Frank Hardy:
It's Christmas Eve! I have in fact completed Deck the Halls!
Due to the fact that I have completed another story, I will be taking a vacation of sorts until the New Year. But, I will still be writing and may or may not add a One-Shot to the stories I have already written.  I hope you have a wonderful and amazing holiday season! 

¡Feliz Navidad y Feliz Nuevo Año!

Mrs. Frank Hardy:
Firstly, I have been very busy with writing all sorts of things, but I have just posted something that I have decided to write about. The second installment of Against the Elements, Wood. Now, I got a nasty review from some person by the name 'Betsy', so of course, I did the thing she said not to do. Below is a copy of this review.

From: Betsy ()
I can honestly say that if I never read about Nancy getting hurt again, that
would be awesome. And reviews are not love. They are reviews.

So,...I kinda hurt Nancy again, nothing severe mind you, but a minor injury. I only did this to get to 'Betsy', if that is her real name.
Secondly, I have, as of yesterday, disovered how wonderful Alias is. Now, I knew about Alias, but never actually watched it. I think the first time I heard of Alias is in a book called Love Undercover, by Joanna Edwards. But, none the less I am now obssesed.
Mrs. Frank Hardy:
A bittersweet moment has been shared with me and my computer. I have officially finished my The Wedding Planner story and will work on my next story, which will be epic according to me and the Wedding Planner Epilogue entitles Eveything Changes, after Christmas and post it when I'm done with the Presidential Party Crasher story.

See ya later!
~Meg or Mia

BTW: I like the name Mia cause it's my Spanish name, so I may give you all the name Mia instead of Meg.
Mrs. Frank Hardy:
I am about a quarter way done with Deck The Halls and I really want to make this long, so it may be a while till I'm done .
About Cougar and the KUnit...
I'm having trouble trying to decided if many I should skip the training, and go straight to Afghanistan, or write the Training since I have a (SPOLIER!) Alex/Cal moment planned. What do you guys think?
Hey guys. I know I've been slacking in the keeping people posted thing, but what can I say? I'm busy.

Mrs. Frank Hardy:
I'm working on the One-Shots listed in my last post as well as a one-shot about Christmas, called
Deck the Halls.  It's just a cute little one-shot I'm putting together since tis' the season. It's about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Family and what they do on Christmas, traditions, and what they love about the jolly season.
Note: I will be using my Christmas traditions and ect.

Krystal Rock:
I'm afraid I've been slacking even more in the fictionpress department. I don't know when I'll do any more writing on this account, but I shall be reviewing things, so PM me or something to tell me what you guys want me to review!

Your writer,
I'm making absoloutly no advancment in my Little Women book, but I shall try.
New favorite book is Sweet Venom by Terra Lynn Childs. Check it out!

Mrs. Frank Hardy
I'm working on a number of one-shots, or in one case a two-shot, and decided to share with you the plots and names of some!
Reunions: Years after a near death experience Nancy and Frank go to Frank's High School reunion hoping for no problems to occur. Well, that just can't happen with a Hardy. Two-Shot
Bad Press: Many people may belive that bad press doesn't exist. Boy are they wrong. In Alex Rider's world that's the only kind of press. Prequel of Cougar and the KUnit.
and last but defenitly not least,
Torture Chamber: When Nancy Drew gets a job from her boss, the director of the FBI, to go become the go-to woman for a renoun Mob Boss' buisness in 'the interogation room' she begin's to tell him why she's so special.

I'm also, of course, working on another installment of Meetings. ;D

Krystal Rock
I am about to confirm your worst fears. I am discoutinuing the story A Dream Come True. I can't come up with any more ideas on the story. I'm really sorry if you were looking forward to reading, but check out my other story's. Some may peak an interest in your entertainment.
Sorry for not blogging sooner! I've updated many things.

Mrs. Frank Hardy
I've updated, The Wedding Planner, Presidential Party Crasher and, as of ten seconds ago, Cougar and the KUnit. I've named the chapters for Presidential Party Crasher, and even though you may think It's close to over, boy are you wrong. I've decided to make a connection to one of the most rutheless orginazations know to the world of The Hardy Boys...and now Nancy Drew. Hehe...

Krystal Rock
I will really try to update A Dream Come True since I know many of you like it, but I don't know If I'll be able to update The Life of a...Special Agent story. Sorry guys!

Till tomorrow (this is only hopefully),