Today's the day; PPC is finally here! I just updated it! Plus, (in case you didn't know) IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Yea!
PPC's chapter can be read here!

Also, I've been cranking out chapters of Cougar and The K-Unit. I'm planning on adding yet another one tomorrow. My reviewers have just been so wonderful to me that I can't think of any other way to thank them for their utter awesomeness. So, I settle with writing like a maniac Actually, this will be my third chapter this week.

All in all, I've cranked out a staggering five, nearly two thousand word, chapters in five days! As well as four book reviews, I'm writing my novel and actually have time for cleaning my room. I think I need a life out of the internet. =D

So, I'll be back, but until then you'll need to entertain yourselves without me.
Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow in the next CATKU chapter!

Your Extreme Writer,
   Senorita Writer

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