Lately, I have come across the saying "reviews are love" and after getting such wonderful reviews from persistant reviewers, I have to say, it is completely true.

Whenever I get a review notice in my inbox, I squeal and click on it, then squeal again when I read it.
My heart swells with joy whenever someone compliments my work since I try so hard to make it appeal to a larger audience and make the chapters lengthy.

I put so much of my time into writing that I hardly do anything else, so I appreciate when someone acknowledges that.

Knowing that it's possible to teach yourself how to write from reading on fanfiction from personal experience, it's nice to be able to beta-read the stories that I know will help younger ones with their own writing, so just ask and you shall recieve.

Do you have any suggestions for my writing? If so, please comment and tell me what they are! I'd love to hear them!

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