"When something's ending, you go through so many phases, and it can be frustrating. But once you're out on the other side, it's like you can really see all the crazy phases you went through." -Norah Jones
My baby, the story I've spent more than a year working on, my longest story to date, is almost completed.

Cougar and the K-Unit only has the epilogue left and I've spent the day being gloomy about it. Honestly, it's not even the fact that I've spent so long working on this and it would be weird to think of it as "done". It's the fact that I'm going to miss writing about the strong female role I've created from my own brain. Cougar/Callie is the first character I've created. Ever. Before then, I only wrote about characters I knew everything about. Nancy Drew, Alex Rider, ect. But Callie is my brain child.

Great, now I've gotten myself worked up. Okay, I'm going to go write the epilogue, which I'll post on New Year's Eve, and make it the best darn epilogue I've ever written. I'm determined now!

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