I'm making absoloutly no advancment in my Little Women book, but I shall try.
New favorite book is Sweet Venom by Terra Lynn Childs. Check it out!

Mrs. Frank Hardy
I'm working on a number of one-shots, or in one case a two-shot, and decided to share with you the plots and names of some!
Reunions: Years after a near death experience Nancy and Frank go to Frank's High School reunion hoping for no problems to occur. Well, that just can't happen with a Hardy. Two-Shot
Bad Press: Many people may belive that bad press doesn't exist. Boy are they wrong. In Alex Rider's world that's the only kind of press. Prequel of Cougar and the KUnit.
and last but defenitly not least,
Torture Chamber: When Nancy Drew gets a job from her boss, the director of the FBI, to go become the go-to woman for a renoun Mob Boss' buisness in 'the interogation room' she begin's to tell him why she's so special.

I'm also, of course, working on another installment of Meetings. ;D

Krystal Rock
I am about to confirm your worst fears. I am discoutinuing the story A Dream Come True. I can't come up with any more ideas on the story. I'm really sorry if you were looking forward to reading, but check out my other story's. Some may peak an interest in your entertainment.

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