Mrs. Frank Hardy:
Firstly, I have been very busy with writing all sorts of things, but I have just posted something that I have decided to write about. The second installment of Against the Elements, Wood. Now, I got a nasty review from some person by the name 'Betsy', so of course, I did the thing she said not to do. Below is a copy of this review.

From: Betsy ()
I can honestly say that if I never read about Nancy getting hurt again, that
would be awesome. And reviews are not love. They are reviews.

So,...I kinda hurt Nancy again, nothing severe mind you, but a minor injury. I only did this to get to 'Betsy', if that is her real name.
Secondly, I have, as of yesterday, disovered how wonderful Alias is. Now, I knew about Alias, but never actually watched it. I think the first time I heard of Alias is in a book called Love Undercover, by Joanna Edwards. But, none the less I am now obssesed.

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