Hello people of the wonderful computer!

Mrs, Frank Hardy Update:
I wrote and posted the second chapter for True Love! After I save this to the world-wide web I'm going to write Song-Fics's on multiple Nickleback songs and Lips of an Angel by: Hinder! So, look out for them during the next couple days!

Krystal Rock Update:
I wrote the third chapter of A Dream Come True  yesterday, but won't post it till Sunday!
I will post the next chapter to Melissa's Scare later tomorrow! I also want to post my first chapter of a story I like to call Homocide Hannah later in the week, but I have no clue if I'll be able to get that far in my writing schedule. =D

I will post tomorrow, but it'll be a regular blog post,...okay, so mostly me rambling on and one about random things, but so not the point of this memo...

See ya soon,

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