Hello people of the wonderful computer!
I have posted this to ramble. Clear and simple.

Songs: I have found a couple of AMAZING singers on youtube and decided to share with you!
Their names are Meg & Liz. They originally did covers, but have now branched out to do original songs including 'Happy Never After' and 'Here I am'. Visit their channel at: Meg & Liz.

Books: Well, hopefully I'll be going to the library early tomorrow. Cause' I have totally finished my book collection from the library and desperatly need to go back.

Things I hate: My Mom's new Christams wish is for us to sing her Christmas songs in GERMAN, so, sadly, my siblings and I are going to some place, that I have no clue how to pronounce, and we are going to sing. There will be a 'concert' before Christmas, but I have told her, firmly non the less, that I will NOT under any circumstances sing in front of people. I can act in front of people, but sing? Nope, not happening anywhere on this planet. But, she says 'Stop complaining'. I am still determined to get it through her head, but so far not luck.
I will post another 'Blog' post for u


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